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Archimedes287 - 212 BCGreek philosopher
Pascal1623 - 1662French philosopher
Newton, Issac1642 - 1727Bristish mathematician
Bernoulli, Daniel1700 - 1782Swiss mathematician
Euler, Leonhard1707 - 1783Swiss mathematician
Hagen, Gotthilf1797 - 1884German engineer
Poiseuille, Jean Louis1799 - 1869French physiologist
Darcy, Henry1803 - 1858French engineer
Froude, William1810 - 1879British naval architect
Stokes, George1819 - 1903Bristish mathematician
Reynolds, Osborne1842 - 1912British academic
Buckingham, Edgar1867 - 1940American physicist
Prandtl, Ludwig1875 - 1953German engineer
Moody, Lewis1880 - 1953American engineer
von Karman, Theodore1881 - 1963Hungarian engineer
Blasius, Heinrich1883 - 1970German academic
Nikuradse, Johann1894 - 1979German engineer
White, Cedric1898 - British engineer
Colebrook, Cyril1910 - British engineer
Source: Fluid Principles, Alan Vardy, McGraw Hill

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